ål nik (alexandra nikolova)
communication designer and illustrator

Content Strategy

In order to build your content strategy and plan, you need to learn who are your people, where are they and how to find them, how to become part of their lives. This is how we start: we learn who they are and explore them in more details. Then, by using empathy and research, by doing brainstorming and design thinking with your team, we design a long-term strategy and make a plan how to execute it.

How to do it?

How to do it?

I will work with you on building your strategy and plan in the long term with a sense of flexibility - you need to be able to adjust your actions when needed. Will give you the tools to assess your performance and find good moments to update your work.

The steps are simple and effective

1. Data collection and research - your business and your audience. 2. Competition and inspiration - who to keep an eye on. 3. Brainstorming, brainwriting, ideas collection - all types of amazing content you can create. 4. Prioritise and plan - let's put it all in a well structured plan and start making it true!