ål nik (alexandra nikolova)
communication designer and illustrator


About me.


I love how beautiful the web can be!

My first encounter to Photoshop was back in high school and ever since I spend countless hours in designing things there. I admire how people can make the web beautiful, as well as it's hilarious how many ugly things we see around. In my work I try to combine the aesthetics with functionality - the balance between something simple and beautiful, and something that works well for everyone. I appreciate good and functional design in combination with clever and clear text. 

Therefore my mission is to help people communicate better (online). 

I am a digital communication professional with more than 12 years experience in online marketing, team management and creative solutions; and I was awarded with Professional Certificate in Marketing by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.

My work experience

Nomadways . 2016-now .

Communication designer and trainer. We do kickass workshops for international artists, educators and youth workers. Together we create pedagogical artwork, share and invent practical solutions to social problems.

Everhood . 2015-now .

Creator of a digital marketing consultancy with an amazing team who helps businesses to create effective online presence. We worked with companies like EnhancvFree San Francisco Tour, Crowdwiz.ioSoftServeTalent Hunter and more.

. Eventyard . 2012-2017 .

I was a co-founder of the Eleven funded startup Eventyard - it was like foursquare for great indie artists and venues' events and matches them with people who will simply love them.

XS Software . 2009-2012 . 

Vice President Marketing at the gaming company, creator of Lady Popular, Khan Wars, Rage War and more.

Education and awards

In 2013 I was awarded with "30 Under 30" in Forbes Bulgaria's first selection of young people and in 2012 I was second laureate at the European Commission's competition E-Skills: Jobs of the future (the result is this group where founders can find themselves and work together).

Studied law (never finished) and marketing (got a Professional Certificate in Marketing by CIM, UK) before and currently I am doing an art history degree in the National Art Academy in Sofia, BG. I've attended and participated in a number of trainings such as (+digital) storytelling, Salto-Youth training for trainers, design thinking, user experience, marketing, social media and many more. Since 2014 I am a facilitator and a non-formal education trainer.

Artistic practice & participation

2019, October - “Invisible Cities” Samples on Art in Public Space (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) (see here)

2019, August - Illustration Pop-Up at ko-op gallery (Sofia, Bulgaria) (see here)

2018, September - “Not My Art” - a piece at the joint exhibition by various authors (Sofia, Bulgaria) (see here)

2017, October - “Subjective Mapping” exhibition - a piece at the joint exhibition by various authors (Brivezac, France) (see here)

2014, September - “Sidewalks Neighbourhood”, solo photography exhibition (Sofia, Bulgaria) (photos here)


I am also an indie music curator. I do monthly selections on Mixcloud and play at parties here and there. Keep an eye on the events page if you wish to stop by and listen to good music. Since few months ago I became involved in music production and attended Sound Ninja's amazing classes. Listen to my music here.