ål nik (alexandra nikolova)
communication designer and illustrator

Graphic Recording & Facilitation

Everyone can do graphic facilitation and recording - it is often considered a method possible to be used only by people who can draw. Not really. The method lays on doodling only with simple shapes, so it is accessible for everyone.

It is a great methodology for presentations, taking notes, brainstorming and so on. I can teach you how to use it, it's easy!

Or you wish to have a visual summary of important event? Ping me, maybe I can help you with that.

Graphic Summary of Emprove's event

Graphic Summary of Emprove's event

This is a graphic summary (in Bulgarian) of Emprove’s round table in Sofia to support women who are victims of domestic violence. During the meeting there were representatives of the European commission, businesses in Bulgaria, the Ministry of Interior, human resources and more - to discuss how to raise awareness of the problem and what needs to be done.

Visit EMPROVE, tell everyone about it and let’s raise the awareness.


What is graphic facilitation in Bulgaria(n)

What is graphic facilitation in Bulgaria(n)

I did a little introduction about graphic facilitation in Sofia (Bulgaria) on 14. March 2018. Next workshop will take place in June, 2018.

Photos here. Short article about the method in Bulgarian.