ål nik (alexandra nikolova)
communication designer and illustrator



I can help you with...

As a freelance content strategist and communication designer I can guide you find the best way to reach your people online. If you need, we can work on reaching them together.

Say Hello if you need help with:


Communication design

Reaching out and being understood the right way is one of the greatest challenges of humanity. Being busy, always in a hurry, we often neglect communication and do things automatically. Let's break the wheel and improve the way we talk and write online!

Graphic design

Do you need a design of a poster, a facebook cover or promotional material? Let me know, I can do it for you.


Content strategy

What type of content do you need to produce for your project? If you are not sure, let's think it through: what do you want to do, who do you need to reach, where are they, what do we need to do to find them and become friends... There are many questions like this to help us. Let's do this!


Doodling and drawing is one of my favorite things in the world. How about creating an unique illustration for your needs?


A training or a workshop

Maybe it is a good time to help your team with a powerful training? How about a design thinking workshop, an intro to facebook or how to do your communication online in a more creative and clever way? Let's discuss what do you need and I can design the perfect training for you.


If you need some photos you can let me know or simply go and check out my online portfolio: I have a Shutterstock shop here. Free images here.


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